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Key Indications Your College is in Trouble

Earlier this month SayCampusLife reported that a small college in New Hampshire suddenly canceled classes just before the start of the current academic year.


Online College Courses and How to Take Them

Online courses are nothing new with millions of students enrolled in them from around the world. The Internet has opened up education possibilities and options that did not exist a generation ago, enabling individuals to pursue undergraduate and advanced degrees alike.

Education Tips

Why Accreditation Matters to College Students

You are looking over the material you have received from various colleges and have found a school that is not far from your home, one that offers both night and Saturday classes.


How to Take an Online College Class

Tweet Not every student may want to take an online class, but if this is of interest to you, the following can help you find classes and perhaps a course

Campus News

Bar Association Nixes Foreign School Accreditation

Tweet ABA turns down accrediting request from a Chinese school. Educational accreditation is essential for colleges and universities, and is a way for an external body to assess a program

Online Education

How to Choose an Online College

Tweet But, obtaining that elusive degree is a must for many working professionals. After all, if you want to move up at work you may need to demonstrate that you’ve

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Hebrew College to Relocate its Campus

Tweet Newton Centre, Massachusetts based Hebrew College will be selling its campus in a bid to satisfy creditors and start anew. The Jewish educational institution, founded in 1921, has occupied

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WalMart Rolls Out Associates College Program

Tweet Retailer offers price rollback of another kind Spiraling college costs are affecting everyone, but are having a profoundly negative impact on retail workers who want to better themselves. The

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University of the People: Tuition Free Online University

Tweet College is certainly expensive. Even with low cost community and technical colleges in the mix, some students have trouble coming up with several thousand dollars each academic year to