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Career Planning

Career Choice: Pharmacy Technician

In most states you do not need a college degree to work as a pharmacy technician. Pharmacy technicians work under the direction of a pharmacist and may measure, mix and count out medications as prescribed, labeling bottles and ensuring that correct dosages are used.

Personal Advice

Debt Savvy: College Students and Credit Cards

It is a fact that most college students have a credit card.

Personal Advice

Money Matters and Your Personal Finances

How you manage your personal finances can have a huge bearing on the way you live your life, with debt-free individuals having more choices and freedom than people buried underneath a mountain of debt.


5 Ways to Afford Your College Education

Today’s college students continue to encounter ever rising educational costs, presenting a major challenge to individuals and families alike as they consider ways to pay for their higher education.

Personal Advice

Cash-Strapped at Christmas: A Plan

Tweet With Christmas looming, a number of students may be wondering how to buy gifts for their parents, siblings and other loved ones with barely two nickels available to rub


Why Students Should Keep Applying For College Scholarships

Tweet Billions of dollars of college scholarships are awarded annually, funds that you can get, but usually only if you make application first. Like grants, scholarships are monies that you


What Happens to Excess Pell Grant Money

Tweet The maximum amount of money awarded currently is $5,550 per academic year, an amount that may be over and above what it costs some students to attend college. Excess


I Cannot Afford College!

Tweet Fortunately, college is not as expensive as you may think and there are a number of ways for you to afford your higher education without going deeply into debt.

Personal Advice

College Cash: Earn It Fast!

Tweet Fast and (usually) easy ways to earn cash. Still, providing a gift to show your appreciation may be important to you, especially for your parents who have given you

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How to Save Money on Student Banking

Tweet Costly bank fees can be avoided. Where to place these funds is a cause of concern for some students, especially as new fees and limited access can make choosing

Personal Advice

Attention College Students – Don’t Over Think Fundraising

Tweet By Jason Lancaster However, when it comes to fundraising for a college club, religious group or other college-affiliated organization, students should remember that the status quo works…don’t over think


Consumer Alert: Not All College Scholarships Come Without Strings Attached

Tweet At SayCampusLife.com, we don’t usually endorse specific college scholarships, but we’re happy to keep you informed about what is out there. And, on occasion, we’ll share college funding opportunities