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Teaching Your College Child About Credit

Tweet By Kirby Cranson It is true that college opens up a world of new places and experiences — great restaurants, concert venues, new places to shop and people to

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27 Ways to Save Money at College

Tweet College is expensive! Tuition, room and board, fees, books and more can set you back big time. But, those expenses are largely uncontrollable — at least once you see

Campus News

Hebrew College to Relocate its Campus

Tweet Newton Centre, Massachusetts based Hebrew College will be selling its campus in a bid to satisfy creditors and start anew. The Jewish educational institution, founded in 1921, has occupied

College Budgeting

Best Ways to Save Money During College

Tweet By Joe Keefe College is a time when many people go into serious debt. The cost of an education combined with the lack of time to earn an income

Study Tips

How to Balance College & Work

Tweet Ideally, you’ll head off to college and your tuition, room and board, books and other expenses will be covered. No concern about money — that worry is out of

Campus News Finance

Pricey Pedagogy: The $50K Club

Tweet As if college isn’t expensive enough comes word from the Chronicle for Higher Education that more than 60 colleges now charge at least $50,000 per year for students to

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Last Ditch College Funding Ideas

Tweet What a shame it is to hear that many students who are just days away from starting college still don’t know what their tuition bills will be for this

College Budgeting

Illinois CPA Society Offers Money Talking Points For Parents, Students

Tweet One of the most difficult subjects for people to tackle seems to be money. And why is that? Probably a host of reasons including pride, cultural prohibitions, societal expectations


College Scholarship Watch – Recent Trends & Gifts

Tweet First in an ongoing series. Billions of dollars of college scholarship money is made available each academic year, with untold thousands of recipients receiving full or partial assistance for

Personal Advice

Short On Cash But Not Short On Options

Tweet While away at school, a problem could crop up that will require you to gain access to some cash. And fast. Unfortunately, you’re all tapped out and your dorm

College Budgeting

Clemson Study Offers Surprising Conclusion About Payday Loans

Tweet You’ve seen these ads everywhere: apply to get a quick $500 to tide yourself over to payday and those funds will be deposited into your checking account within 24

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You Can Save Big Bucks On College Tuition

Tweet Anyone who has opened up their investment account statement since the stock market nose-dived earlier this fall has come face to face with a grim reality: monies saved for