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College Board: Trends in College Pricing

The College Board has released its latest report, Education Pays, outlining the importance of pursuing a college education.

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NCEE Study Faults High Schools on Student Community College Preparedness

Tweet Community colleges, also known as technical colleges and junior colleges, offer a higher education starting point for many students. The College Board notes that more than 1,200 such schools

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More Students Are Successfully Taking AP Courses

The College Board has released its 9th Annual AP Report to the Nation, providing a glimpse at what high school students are doing to prepare themselves for college.

Advanced Education

AP Credit and Your University

Tweet These courses come from across the academic spectrum and include Environmental Science, Psychology, Latin, Microeconomics and Chinese Language and Culture. Many US colleges and universities accept AP credits enabling

College Budgeting

How to Apply to College for Free

Tweet Save money on college applications. Apply to 6 to 8 colleges and you may be out $300 to $500 — a cost that some families may find difficult to

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Grad Students Miss Out on Student Loan Relief

Tweet Student debt and grad school students. One group, graduate students, are shut out of the loan relief program, and will now pay higher interest rates on their loans. Moreover,


CLEP Your Way to a College Degree

Tweet CLEP is managed by the College Board, the same organization that has brought to you the SAT — the most widely used college admission test. Its CLEP program also


How to Send Your SAT Scores to Colleges

Tweet Send your SAT scores safely and securely. Even if your application has already been sent, you can update your previous scores too by following the steps we have outlined:

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Survey Says: College Still Worth It

Tweet College Board survey offers a ringing endorsement for postsecondary education. However, that would be the wrong conclusion to draw based on the results of a College Board survey which

College Training

Are You Ready to Take Your College Assessment Test?

Tweet College preparation is a lengthy process. Test Prep Both tests are important, but most colleges require students to have taken one or the other. The SAT is the most

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College Board Releases Advanced Placement Data

Tweet Quick! Which exam puts the most fear into the hearts of school administrators? If you answered the SAT or ACT you wouldn’t be too far off the mark as

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College Board Supports Education For Children of Illegal Aliens

Tweet College Board, which is an organization founded in 1900 to help students make the transition from high school to college, has weighed in on of the most important, if