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Social Networking

Let’s Talk About College Networking and Its Importance

While joining college, most people have one major goal to do whatever it takes to attain the desired degree. Though this goal is very important, people rarely understand the importance of networking as part of achieving and maintaining our life goals.

Social Networking

The Best Way to Make Your College Experience Memorable

Tweet After college, what you’ll remember more than anything else is the relationships you’ve had there. These relationships can encompass multiple facets of college life, including other students and even

Social Networking

How to Turn Social Networking Into Social Support While in College

Tweet Making a decision to go to college is a huge and important reminder that you are about to make a difference to your future – from now on, you

College Living

3 Huge Reasons Why You Should Join a Club in College

As someone who has attended community college, I have learned a lot about career planning and clubs. Many people are led to the common misconception that sports are the only way to get yourself out there.

Social Networking

Social Networking in College: What Does it Mean?

With so many social networking platforms available these days, the concept of social networking has changed.

Fun News Social Networking

5 Twitter Tips to Enhance Your Experience

Tweet By Jeremy K. Armstrong Twitter is one of the most popular social networking websites, with tens of millions of people using it to advertise their businesses and for linking

Personal Advice

5 Steps to Protect Your Social Profiles From Identity Theft

Tweet By John Phillips But, not all of our friends are psychologists who are sworn to secrecy about those intimate details of our lives.  Most people don’t even know who


Fab 5 Articles For 2010

Tweet The best of SayCampusLife.com from last year. Happy New Year! We here at SayCampusLife.com want to thank you for following us in 2010 and invite you to enjoy many

Fun News Social Networking

Diaspora Fully Funded & Then Some

Tweet 6500 contributors fund budding project Last month, we shared news about Diaspora, the under development Facebook alternative platform. As the budding innovation of four New York University students, Team

Campus News Technology

Mashable Contends Facebook Fury Remains

Tweet Is more grief heading Facebook’s way? Last week, Facebook announced changes to its amazingly popular social networking platform in response to flak it has been receiving from privacy and

Fun News Social Networking

How to Manage Your Reputation

Tweet Whatever you do in life, your reputation matters. Sometimes that concept is hard to grasp, given the very public way many of us live our lives these days. But