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How to Return to College Years Later

Tweet Perhaps to pursue a new degree or to complete some unfinished business, mature students often have a completely different outlook on life, gained through life experience and accomplishing goals

Campus News

WalMart Rolls Out Associates College Program

Tweet Retailer offers price rollback of another kind Spiraling college costs are affecting everyone, but are having a profoundly negative impact on retail workers who want to better themselves. The

Online Education

7 Reasons Why Distance Learning Rocks

Tweet Distance learning continues to grow and is now an option at more than two-thirds of all institutions of higher education offering at least a two-year degree. Indeed, 88 percent

Online Education

Online Education: Western Governors University

Tweet The following is one in an ongoing series of articles exploring the various online educational opportunities available for today’s college students. Unlike many of the larger online for-profit universities,

Advanced Education

Online Learning & Your Busy Schedule

Tweet Last week, we discussed trade schools and how they can be a very good way for a person to transition from one career to another. After all, if you

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Get Your Grad Degree Online From Top Schools

Tweet The internet is a terrific leveling field as it provides a solid way for people to connect from across the world regardless of their age, gender, social status, or

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University Launches Online Two-Year College

Tweet Reaching out to new students is a practice universities have mastered, but Tiffin University is doing something no other school has tried: create an online college to woo students

Career Planning

Advancing Your Career SPOTLIGHT

Tweet Need to Finish College … what kind of online programs are available? Events happen where you were unable to finish college. Well now is the time to get that

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Illinois Students Attend School Virtually

Tweet Not every student has to get up early in the morning, throw on a pair of jeans, stop by Dunkin Donuts for a cup of joe and a sausage